This acrylic wrench keychain is perfect for all your crafting needs! Add vinyl to make earrings or luggage tags. Add glitter or epoxy to make keychains. The possibilities are endless!


-You are purchasing the acrylic blank only. 
-Blanks are made from 1/8-inch CLEAR acrylic
-Sizing is for WIDTH. Height will be measured proportionally. (See below for exact dimensions)
-Keychains come with a brown paper covering. This is just a covering to keep the acrylic safe.
-Don't want a hole? Add 'NO HOLE' to comments at checkout and your items will come without a hole


Exact Sizing:
1 Inch -  1" x 0.302"
1.5 Inch - 1.5" x 0.453"
2 Inch - 2" x 0.604"
2.5 Inch - 2.5" x 0.755"
3 Inch - 3" x 0.906"
3.5 Inch - 3.5" x 1.057"
4 Inch - 4" x 1.208"

Clear Acrylic Wrench Blank

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  • Provide an email address in the customization line during purchase and I will send it to you. Files cannot be resold or redistributed.