This acrylic cheer megaphone blank makes a perfect gift for a cheer team! Add vinyl and names to customize. Add glitter or epoxy to make keychains. Made from cast acrylic to easily engrave with a laser cutter. The possibilities are endless!


-You are purchasing the acrylic blank only. 
-Blanks are made from 1/8 inch clear acrylic
-Sizing is for WIDTH. Height will be measured proportionally. See dimensions below
-Keychains do not come with a hole. Easily drill one yourself or message me with where you would like a hole added. 
-Keychains may or may not come with brown paper covering. This is just a covering to keep the acrylic safe. There are multiple videos you can search in google for how to remove it but the easiest way is to use your nail to pull up a corner then pull it all the way off.


1" W x 0.693" H
1.5" W x 1.039" H
2" W x 1.386" H
2.5" W x 1.733" H
3" W x 2.079" H
3.5" W x 2.426" H
4" W x 2.772" H

Clear Acrylic Cheer Megaphone Blank

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