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How to Create Ombre Names in Inkscape

Want to learn how to make a name like this?

Get ready, here we go!

You need inkscape (a free editing program) to be able to follow this tutorial



You will learn how to create an ombre lettering effect as well as doing a linked offset.

Here is the link to the easter puzzle: Boy Version, Girl Version

Step 1: Import Your Puzzle Template

We will be using the colors from the template to create our ombre name. You can download the file then drag it into inkscape to import it. Or click File, Import then select your file.

Step 2: Type your name

Choose your font and type your name on top of the puzzle template. Try to choose a font that has slightly thicker lines.

I am using a font called Aloha March Line. Size your text in your template. You can always change the sizing later too.

Step 3: Add the Ombre Effect

Click your text so the selection box appears around it. From the panels menu, choose Create and Edit Gradients.

On your name, draw a line from the left side to the right side. This will create our ombre effect.

Step 4: Choosing Ombre Colors

Double click in multiple places across your line to create nodes. These nodes are where our colors will change.

Open the Fill and Stroke Menu (OBJECT, FILL AND STROKE).

Click on the farthest left node. If you don't see your line, click your gradient icon again from Step 3.

With the farthest left node selected, choose the eye dropper tool.

Select a color directly above or below your name from your puzzle template.

Select the next node and repeat selecting a color directly above or below the name. Repeat for all your nodes.

Your name should now have your ombre effect

Next we are doing the linked offset.

Step 5: Linked Offset

Select your name

Click Path, Linked Offset. A white dot should appear at the highest part of your letters

Click and hold the dot as your drag out to create the offset.

Click the selection tool

Choose white from your colors at the bottom

You're done!


Find all puzzle files here. Your customers are going to love them!

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